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Trend Setting Colors For 2016

Color plays a crucial role in your home's interior. Thankfully it's one of the easiest design elements to change, particularly if you select appliances and other permanent fixtures in classic hues. Is 2016 the year you repaint a few rooms? Here's a look at the latest color trends, as well as tips on how to incorporate them into your home.


The Non-Color Benjamin Moore's color of the year is white, or Simply White (OC-117) to be exact. This popular neutral can be tough to pull off, especially with hundreds of variations to choose from, many of which have blue, gray or even pink undertones. Give your kitchen a fresh look by painting upper cabinets white and bottom cabinets a darker or more colorful hue. Or put together a serene all-white bedroom with contrasting textures like natural woods and linens against sleek ceramic or stone.


Pretty Pastels Color expert Pantone includes pastels in the 2016 interior design color trend forecast. The Ephemera palette, one of nine highlighted color sets, includes soft hues like Tender Yellow, Wan Blue and Pale Peach. Nervous about using pastels at home? First consider the natural light in the room throughout the day. South-facing rooms bring in bright midday light that heightens both warm and cool colors. West-facing rooms receive a warm evening light, while east-facing rooms have a bluish tint later in the day. Avoid using the same hue as the incoming light; no soft blue in an east-facing room, for instance.


Night Tones Paint company Akzo Nobel is highlighting the night in response to growing research about the effects of light pollution. The new interest in darkness translates into colors like deep purple or midnight blue -- hues that mimic the tones of both dusk and dawn. The bedroom is a great place for dramatic color. Incorporate lighter shades of your main hue for depth, bring in touches of white for contrast, and include a heavy dose of gold to evoke the light of the "golden hour" before dusk and after dawn.