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Avoiding Stress When Pondering A Move

-Most buyers want a move-in ready home. Begin preparing
your home for viewing early on
-Edit your home every year now, going through closets,
drawers and even take a critical eye to worn-out textiles.
-Begin clearing out every room as early as possibe- even
months in advance.
-Try not to get bogged down in the sentimentality of every item
- Make minor repairs so that the "fixing" won't be last minute
- Declutter - your home will be more appealing to potential
- Avoid doing upgrades or painting especially, unless it's an
absolute necessity. Don't spend money in order to sell.
- Be aware - your home should drink in the sunshine. Open
curtains & let the light in. It will make your home more
- Freshen up bathrooms - a new shower curtain & decorative
piece on the wall will do the trick.
- Outdoor space is as important as indoor space. Take a photo
review it & see what can be done to increase curb appeal.